In Japanese the word naikan means to “Look within”. Naikan therapy is a traditional Japanese based approach in which the client is guided in using a combination of both self-reflection and journaling in order to build new purpose and experience gratitude in life.


Naikan work is short term in nature and uses a traditional Zen based approach in its' original form. Naikan therapy is either practiced in the traditional form or can be used alongside other complimentary therapy approaches.


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Naikan Therapy

What is it and how does it work?

Naikan therapy helps you to increase appreciation of and for life.


Naikan therapy helps you revisit how you have been cared for and supported by others,

the environment, in order to move away from hurt and blame.


Naikan therapy helps you to see through the eyes of others.


Naikan therapy supports you in taking responsibility for your own conduct to increase quality experiences in life.



How can Naikan Therapy help me?