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“I admit I was very envious each year when colleagues werenamed to The Best Lawyers in Virginia. I am thrilled to now have this singular honor among the rest.”





What can you expect to find in therapy?







I take an integrative approach toward therapy. In other words, at times we may work with either   traditional or nontraditional forms of therapy such as solution focused, CBT, Family Systems, Talk Therapy etc.. Similarly, I am also certified in using Japanese based therapy and may blend techniques if appropriate. I'm happy to discuss all of this in depth when we meet.





We'll review paperwork, policies, and I will answer any questions you might have. After discussing what is that is taking place for you we will explore possible goals.




Children and teens generally need extra time building trust, especially if they feel that are "forced" to attend. If you're interested in your child being seen, I request to meet with you first so as to assess what's taking place, answer any questions you may have, and address all major concerns.


Sessions generally last 50 minutes. I welcome open discussion about your needs in therapy and believe that the process is to be a collaborative one.



Like any healthy relationship, the therapeutic relationship is one of empathetic understanding, unconditional acceptance, even humor at times. I work to meet people where they are and gently support the change in life that is needed.


























My Approach


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