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Morita Therapy

What is it and how does Morita Therapy work?




Morita Therapy is an action based counseling approach using awareness to better manage thoughts and feelings. Through practice, you learn to participate mindfully in life and start to make better choices that are in line with your values. Unlike traditional Western therapies, the Morita approach isn’t focused as much on feelings as it is on what you choose to do, alongside those feelings . Clients may choose to work somewhere in nature, the office or in town.





How can Morita therapy help me?







 -Morita therapy will help you learn to recognize how actions support feelings.


 -Morita therapy helps you to learn to direct efforts toward living life well.


-Morita therapy helps in setting goals and taking steps to accomplish what is important without a lot of focus on the past.


-Morita therapy helps you to learn to make value based choices which lead to more meaningful experiences.







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